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Year 1 

D1.1: "Model Specification" 

D1.2: "Structure of Social Networks"
D2.1: "Specification of the Communication and Security Services"
D3.1: "Data & Knowledge Management for Applications - Technical Specifications & Methodology"

Year 2  

D1.3: "Characterisation of Social Networks" 

D2.2: "Immediate Specification of Algorithms and Protocols for Communication Based on Social Networks"
D3.2: "Adaptive Situated Content Provision"
D4.1: "Barriers and Opportunities for Social Networks"

Year 3  

D2.3: "Effective Algorithms and Protocols for Communication Based on Social Networks
D3.3: "Social Cooperation and Adaptation
D4.2: "Specification of the Social Networking Layer
D4.3: "Social Network Adaptation and Performance Characteristic
D5.4: "SOCIALNETS Workshop, wireless market report and exploitation assessment

Software components


Software packages implementing the functionalities described in the project deliverables are available for downloading. The versions provided are the final prototypes used for the integrated architecture object of the last year activity of the project. Instruction files and source code for all packages are available from the links below.
Social-Aware Content Placement